Energy Consumers’ Priorities

The Alliance for Michigan Energy Consumer fights to ensure that the people who pay the electric bills have a seat at the table when Lansing makes decisions that impact them.

That means:


Stopping Big Energy’s efforts to raise electric rates at the MPSC. Your family’s budget matters more than monopoly utility companies profit margin! 


Embracing innovation to lower costs for ratepayers, and opposing efforts in Lansing to restrict the development or implementation of cost-saving technologies.


Defending and enhancing consumers’ ability to dictate their own energy supply, including renewable, solar, wind, home-generated, traditional, and other energy sources. 

piggy bank.jpg

Expanding electric choice for customers waiting in “the queue” with signed contracts to buy electricity at lower rates. 


Opposing efforts to restrict competition for ratepayers, including Michigan’s public schools and employers, who save millions each year under the current cap system.